Coming-Together at "Gayatri"

of people & land, of spirit & body, of heart & hand,  

 Australia, Queensland, 
Gayatri Farm and Venue for Groups, 
Seminars and Retreats  angelika.schenk@gmail.com

Cooloola Coast, Gympie, Cedar Pocket Dam, 1033 Cedar Pocket Road

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Upcoming events at Gayatri

Family constellations days

April 14



12./13. and 22./27.


Angelika will resume her group 

in September 6./7



You can enjoy Gayatri according to your wishes: 
as a youth hostel, 
as a venue for your workshop or gathering,
on your own or with others,
 for some peace and quiet,
as your community home, 
even for a longer time,
you choose ...and you will be pleasantly surprised about our very affordable rates.

Spend a few days with us on your journey through Australia.
Explore new ways of connecting and reconciling and enjoying life.
Hold a workshop or course here.
Enjoy quiet time in nature to reflect and relax .
Spend some time helping to look after nature.

Participate in hands on tasks.
Rekindle and affirm your connection to the earth.
Come to participate in courses. 
Bring your family  and friends along, and make new friends -

Take on a creative project.
Take time out to write your memoires.

is the Sanskrit name for the SACRED Earth  our home

Find out more about our farm and retreat : 
    Gayatri's own specialty is:
Bert Hellinger's

Gayatri - retreat is available for you as individuals, families, groups, and  your workshops    
See Gayatriseminars